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ALP (54.5%) increases lead over L-NP (45.5%) for third straight interviewing period

Political : Finding No: 8782

ALP support has increased to 54.5% (up 0.5% points since mid-August) cf. L-NP on 45.5% (down 0.5% points) on a two-party preferred basis. This was the third straight increase in support for the ALP and they are now up 4% points since having a narrow lead in mid-June (ALP 50.5% cf. L-NP 49.5%) according to the latest Roy Morgan Poll on Federal voting intention.
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Movement in the Brisbane CBD recovers quickly after recent lockdown, but Sydney & Melbourne lockdowns extended again

Market Research : Finding No: 8781

A special analysis of movement data in Australia’s Capital City CBDs since the COVID-19 pandemic began shows movement in the Brisbane CBD continuing to recover after the recent lockdown in early August. Restrictions in South-East Queensland eased further over the weekend with up to 100 people now allowed to attend weddings although mask-wearing remains mandatory at all indoor venues.

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Australians turn to magazines during lockdowns with Food & Entertainment, Home & Garden, General Interest and Mass Women readership up year on year

Market Research : Finding No: 8787

A total of 15,201,000 Australians aged 14+ (72.0%) read magazines in print or online either via the web or an app, down 4 per cent, or 628,000, from a year ago according to the results released today from the Roy Morgan Australian Readership report for the 12 months to June 2021.
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Movement in the Perth & Adelaide CBDs now at around two-thirds of pre-pandemic averages while Sydney & Melbourne CBDs locked down

Market Research : Finding No: 8777

A special analysis of movement data in Australia’s Capital City CBDs since the COVID-19 pandemic began shows movement in the Perth CBD & Adelaide CBD increasing to around two-thirds of their pre-pandemic average in mid-August even as extended lockdowns cause movement to remain well below pre-pandemic levels in both the Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD.

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ALP (54%) increases lead over L-NP (46%) – as Melbourne and Sydney lockdowns continue

Political : Finding No: 8778

ALP support has increased to 54% (up 0.5% points since early August) cf. L-NP on 46% (down 0.5% points) on a two-party preferred basis after Melbourne’s sixth lockdown was extended, Sydney’s lockdown was extended to the whole State of NSW and the ACT entered lockdown for the first time in over a year, according to the latest Roy Morgan Poll on Federal voting intention.
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NAB likely to leapfrog ANZ with 4.5 million customers following agreement to purchase Citigroup’s Australian business

Market Research : Finding No: 8772

New data from Roy Morgan shows NAB’s $1.2 billion purchase of Citigroup’s Australian business will boost NAB’s customer count to well over 4.5 million – ‘leap-frogging’ Melbourne-based rival ANZ to have Australia’s second largest customer base behind the Commonwealth Bank.
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Women closing the superannuation gap

October 12 2018

New research from Roy Morgan shows that over the last decade, women have closed the gap considerably to men on superannuation, both for ownership levels and average balances. In 2008 only 57.4% of females had superannuation, compared to males with 66...

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Wonder Woman top superhero for Young Australians

September 24 2018

Wonder Woman is now the favourite superhero for Australian kids. An estimated 368,000 kids aged 6-13 years old in the year to June 2018 pick Wonder Woman as their favourite superhero flying ahead of former leader Batman on 303,000 new research fro...

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Wonder Woman on top and Captain Marvel one to watch

March 07 2019

Wonder Woman is again Australia’s favourite superhero for kids aged 6-13 years old. An estimated 394,000 Aussie kids picked Wonder Woman as their favourite superhero in the year to December 2018, up a stunning 137,000 from a year ago. W...

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